Our Services


Given the recent market fluctuations, it’s important to remember than an aggressive strategy is not always a better one. At Madden Wealth, we help our clients balance their risk tolerance with their time horizon to make appropriate investment choices.


Many of our clients are concerned about running out of money during retirement. With our income planning services, we establish a financial strategy that creates guaranteed income for life that no one can outlive.


Retirement unfortunately will not affect rising taxes. Madden Wealth helps our clients incorporate tax planning into their financial plan, so they are not overpaying the government and are keeping more of their retirement money.

Estate & Legacy

When planning for the future, it’s important to consider the next generation and how financial decisions affect beneficiaries. With estate planning, we help clients avoid estate taxes and create an effortless transition of assets for the beneficiaries.


In a volatile market, you need to provide your finances with some security. This can be accomplished with products designed to supplement income like annuities or other insurance vehicles. These products can help to shelter your assets and potentially defer taxes.

Property &

It’s important when creating a financial strategy to factor in personal liability when protecting one’s assets. With property and casualty insurance, our clients are protected against accidents they are found responsible for and safeguarded against any unexpected dilemmas on personal property.